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  • Joan

Boxing Up Day

The exhibit at Josephy Center is all packed up and pieces that have sold are being delivered or shipped. Bittersweet. I've enjoyed this blog more than I had thought. It was a way for me to journal and it created needed connections and encouragement during the pandemic. Thank you! Even though the blog is titled Wallowa Lake 55x55 and that project is over, I thought I'd keep it going. I did get a few commissions as a result of 55x55, so I may have some things to show and tell once in awhile. If you feel like sticking with me, I'd love to have you along.


I would like to share a cool gift my son gave me. He drew a map of Wallowa Lake and the surrounding area, then went page by page through my exhibit catalog and placed a numbered point on the map where I would have been to create that piece of artwork. I thought it was pretty clever and I have it hanging in my studio.

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