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  • Joan

Help Me Pick a Cover

A little over two months to go and it is getting real! I had to move my deadline up because of supply issues with the printer of my exhibit catalog.

In my last blog post, I asked for your opinion and people seemed to enjoy that. I know I appreciated it! So, I'm now going to ask for your opinion on the cover image for the catalog. I'm way too close to this project and can't seem to narrow it down to one winner – although I at least narrowed it down from the ten options I started with. Below you will see 4 choices with a number and title below each choice. Once I know the image then I'll work harder on the type (so ignore that for now). Catalog size is 9"x 9". What do you think best represents what you've seen of my art? Or, what image would most make you pick up a catalog and look through it?

Thank you!

Option 1. Landlocked

Option 2. Winter Peace

Option 3. Summer Fun

Option 4. Moraine Scramble

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